Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian:

Those of us on the Outreach & Member Care Team are asking for your feedback as we continue to work and worship together. Our sign out front promises a community that is “Safe, Open, Real.” We’re moving in exciting directions, but we also want to keep listening for wisdom from the group.

There are lots of little experiments happening as we look for fresh expressions of the good news of Jesus Christ:

  • We have a group of retired women spending time reading with kids in our schools.
  • Our Fall Retreat was modeled on a “progressive dinner” as we began at our local winery, moved to Nate’s Place for lunch, and concluded our day with yoga at Shiney Studios.
  • We have new groups forming for fellowship and Bible Study, for meals and conversation.
  • We’re involving more people, more instruments, and different kinds of music in our worship.
  • Our elderly friends are receiving regular visits from caring friends in the congregation, deacons, and our staff. And all our older friends receive a copy of our worship liturgy and the sermon every week.
  • We’re using social media to keep us connected and to provide resources and links to digital content.
  • We’re keeping the congregation in the loop on who might need a call, card, or meal through a weekly email.
  • We’re experimenting with gathering creative people to plan our worship themes months in advance and writing liturgies that keep our prayers fresh and meaningful.
  • We’re meeting “offsite” in homes and restaurants each month for “Theology on Tap,” inviting our friends and neighbors to share in important conversations.
  • We have a group of parents is tailgating together on Sunday mornings to share ideas.
  • We’re continuing to explore how we might deepen our commitment to mission from local neighborhoods to places like Zambia.
  • We’re dreaming about improvements to our property as we continue to welcome our community into the good news of Jesus Christ.

We’d love to hear from you about what makes this congregation life giving for you. We’d also love to hear your ideas about how we can grow and improve as we prayerfully seek God’s will for our congregation. Thank you for your time and feedback.

We will mail a print copy of this survey and a stamped return envelope to those from who we do not hear within a week or so. So here’s your chance to save a little paper!

Sincerely, The Outreach & Member Care Team