October 21, 2019

Dear Members and Friends of First Presbyterian:

Through the generosity of your financial gifts, God keeps providing what we need for our ministry, mission, and life together. On behalf of the Session, we thank you for the many ways you share in our congregational life — with your presence, your prayers, and your abilities.

As you well know, these are not easy times for non-profit organizations and congregations like ours. And yet our congregation continues to give abundantly in ways that allow us to continue to shine with Christ’s light in our community. In this past year, our congregation shared $32,000 out of our $294,000 budget with a variety of Presbyterian and local mission efforts (that’s 11%). And that figure does not even include Special Presbyterian Offerings, Deacon Offerings to fund our compassion ministries, financial help to those in need (through our Deacons and Hack Memorial Fund), Food Drive contributions, as well as furniture, bedding, and clothing for our neighbors.

But let’s not rest on what we’ve accomplished. Let’s band together and combine our gifts for another year of growth and service to one another and to our wider community. Let’s invite others to join us as we continue to grow into people learning to live Jesus’ way. We encourage you to reflect on how you can use your gifts to share God’s love in the year ahead. The enclosed “pledge card” has room not only your financial commitment but also for your prayerful affirmation of what brings you joy and how that joy might energize your own ministry in the coming year.

If this is your church home, the family of faith that provides the relationships that sustain you in your own life and ministry, then we ask you to give generously.

We invite you to bring your pledge to worship on Pledge Sunday, November 17. (This is the same day that we will be celebrating the 160th anniversary of First Presbyterian!). Of course you can also mail in your pledge card, bring it by the office, or simply call or email Cyndi in the office. Additionally, you can pledge online at fpcfs.org/give.

We are enclosing here a statement of your giving year-to-date (if applicable). We also encourage you to fulfill your pledge for 2019 if you are able to do so. May God provide for you richly as you share your life with others.

In Christ, FPC Stewardship and Mission Team: